About Us

Mesa County Animal Services accepts any dog from its owner or as a stray regardless of age, medical condition, behavioral problems or adoptability.  We pick up sick or injured cats for humane reasons.  This means that we shelter a significant number of animals with severe medical or behavioral issues as well as healthy, well behaved pets.  We are a necessary safety net for both the citizens and pets in our community.

Mesa County Animal Services | Enforcement


Our officers enforce the animal laws designed to protect citizens and domestic companion animals. These laws are essential to the preservation of positive and healthy relationships between our community's pets and the public. We typically respond to over 1,000 calls per month. Selected officers are also commissioned as agents for the Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection to handle animal cruelty investigations.
Mesa County Animal Services | Education


Providing resources and education about responsible pet ownership is an important part of our mission. In addition to providing a court ordered Humane Education Class to pet owners that have allowed their dogs to be at risk or a risk to others, our officers offer educational information and materials in the field, at the shelter and on our web-site.