Lost & Found Pets In Our Community

Found Pets: Mesa County has provided this interactive data base as a means for citizens to share and access information about pets that have been found and are being kept in homes while the finder searches for the owner.

Lost Pets: Owners that have lost pets can provide our staff and the public with contact information so if their pet is found and a match is made, they can be contacted. Descriptions are often open to interpretations, so a picture is always helpful and can increase your pet­s chance of being identified. If a picture isn’t available, please note any unique features your pet may have such as a docked tail, two different colored eyes or special accessories.

If you are looking for a lost pet, we recommend that you visit the shelter regularly and check our kennels and our stray pet photo board at the front desk. View postings created by community members that may have lost or found a pet. We recommend that you visit our shelter in person and check back often if you have lost your pet.

Any ads placed will become inactive after 14 days. If your pet has not been found after 14 days, you will need to renew your ad.

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