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Welcome to our adoption page. We hope that you see some wonderful pets that you want to meet in person. This page is updated automatically as animals are placed into adoption. Once you select a pet, there is a contact box to communicate with our adoption specialist if you need specific information on that particular animal.

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Pit Bull Mix

FOUND: May 29, 2017
AGE: 3 Years
COLOR: Seal Brown & White
WEIGHT: 59 lbs
PET ID: 135441

Hound Mix

FOUND: Jun 15, 2017
AGE: 7 Months
COLOR: White & Brindle, Brown
WEIGHT: 43 lbs
PET ID: 135703

Australian Shepherd Mix

FOUND: Jun 9, 2017
AGE: 1 Year
COLOR: Brindle, Brown
WEIGHT: 38 lbs
PET ID: 135604